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25th place:  Mac to PC Nightmare by Duen

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My worst computer nightmare is to have my Mac turn into a PC and then crash with the blue screen of death.


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Contest Description
Make and submit a video of your worst computer nightmare and you could win a cornucopia of fantastic prizes, including: a trip for two to Hawaii, a fully-loaded MacPro or one of several other prizes too fabulous to mention here.

Created by: Mozy

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Go see arsoneffect's comment to tobuscus, in which he basically says that your video (and everyone else's) sucks. Leave him a nice comment if you get a chance.


great idea. too bad you had to explain it at the end of the clip.


This would have been better with a few improvements. Te first is a fade effect between the steps, or smoother action, and the second being you add some acting into it.


Those are great ideas! Hmmm, maybe I will resubmit this video. I'll see if I make some time to rework this a little. Thanks for the tip


Cool. I am impressed with how you managed to get the Mac icons to disappear, and to get PC icons to appear on your Mac. Very clever.


It was a hack job, but if I had to do it over again, I could do it even better. It basically involves cutting out the Windows icon, erasing extraneous background, and then making the gif image transparent, and then taking screen shots. Next time, I would be able to align them perfectly. What was clever is that I used the windows image as my background image on my Mac!


I believe that the text took away from the overall quality of the video. You should have cut to someone doing a really cheesy scream at their computer or something. Interesting concept though.


Again, I agree with your comment. I would have deleted the last portion except I was confused since the time between submission was more than one week, and so there was no time to submit a revised version. Hope you can excuse the ending, and just rate the beginning portion, and the overall concept


simple, and one of the biggest nightmare of ALL mac users! hahaha. and that's like... ahh... boot camp in real life LOL.


Especially since I never learned Windows!


man, i know how you feel, i worry about this kind of stuff every day :(


Yea, scary isn't it!


Love it! That is a freakin nightmare!


Ha ha! You're so funny!! Make this your favorite video please!


the thing that i hate is that all u care about is getting a new mac


I'm guessing you were annoyed and disappointed by the ending of the video because it detracts from the fun. I totally agree with you, and if I had time to resubmit, I would delete that portion too. But I submitted this video on Sunday, Dec 21st, and it took 8 days for it to appear so I don't think I have time to resubmit it again. But thank you for your comment!


I love it! the only reason I do is because I love macs... everyone else who actually likes windows will not give this video a good rating.


Me too! I love Macs and have been buying them since 1984, before you were even born! Well, how about a 5 star rating? Thanking you in advance, Aloha! Duen