Computer Nightmare

38th place:  Land of the Living Data by LandoftheLivingData

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*Zaaappp* ...where to turn inside this strange computer labyrinth? *zz zzzap* When cherished data from beyond the hard drive roam forever mocking in misery... why did you let them go? Eternally lost!


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Make and submit a video of your worst computer nightmare and you could win a cornucopia of fantastic prizes, including: a trip for two to Hawaii, a fully-loaded MacPro or one of several other prizes too fabulous to mention here.

Created by: Mozy

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Go see arsoneffect's comment to tobuscus, in which he basically says that your video (and everyone else's) sucks. Leave him a nice comment if you get a chance.


L O L !!! It has been suggested that subtitles or a narration voice would clarify the events. I love it though. A wild and intriguing minute of film that goes deep about data death!


Nothing made sense.. I understand the general concept but only after watching 3-4 times..


That was VERY GOOD.


I'm a little confused.


Thanks ya'll!


Very clever Chris. I always enjoy your video creations!


I love it! Nice job Crips!


i thought the special effects were cool. very trippy and very cool. good jorb christo


i hear ya on the special effects. the purpose though is to show that there is electricity running over the data banks!