Computer Nightmare

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An unauthorized user is offended by certain files.


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Contest Description
Make and submit a video of your worst computer nightmare and you could win a cornucopia of fantastic prizes, including: a trip for two to Hawaii, a fully-loaded MacPro or one of several other prizes too fabulous to mention here.

Created by: Mozy

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Go see arsoneffect's comment to tobuscus, in which he basically says that your video (and everyone else's) sucks. Leave him a nice comment if you get a chance.


FUNNY! btw thanks 4 the comment


This is great work! Glad this one was put into the contest....


Funny! I now understand what ou were trying to get across in your first video- sorry about the comment.


Thanks RM and no worries!


A bit random isn't it? I didn't understand the point of this one..., could you describe it?


Ut-oh! That's not a good sign if I have to explain it. My entries are heightened reality or exaggerations of what could be... this is a "nightmare" contest, after all ;) Not a what did you do over your summer vacation thingie!